How it works

How it works

Carriers with the FMCSA Active Authority that have an Inmay Inc active account can post a truck.

Shipper or broker chooses the truck or trucks that match their load criteria. Then book it. An offer notification is sent to the carrier.

The carrier reviews the offer then accepts it. The shipper or broker will now have the chance to view the carrier and onboard them as normal. Once the carrier onboard is complete, then the shipper or broker accepts to send the load to carrier.

The carrier will be able to make status update from pickup to delivery. Both parties will be able to rate each other after the delivery.

Other Notes:

  • Shippers and brokers can add loads.
  • Carriers can see those loads in the "Load Board".
  • Carriers can book a load that they are interested.
  • Shippers can send leads to carriers whose posted trucks match thier load criteria (origin, destination, rate, etc).


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